The most complete air traffic simulation product available. Used at numerous universities across the United States for career-minded students as well as gamers

( build 3.5.0)

Compatible with:

Windows 98/98SE
Windows 2000
Windows XP/SP3
Window Vista
Windows 7(32/64 bit)
Windows 8(32/64 bit)

The REAL TRACON simulator

the most authentic air traffic control
simulation for the PC, unmatched by any
software available today for the price!

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the line between reality and simulation,
is growing very thin....

ATCsimulator®2 comes to you from the heart
of America, Oklahoma City, OK.
Home of the FAA's Air Traffic Academy,
the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center.

"If you have any desires to become an air traffic controller, then I would definitely recommend ATC2. It is without a doubt the best rendition of this particular facet of aviation." Alex Esguerra - AVSIM Reviewer.

Click here to read the complete AVSIM review.

Read Chip Barber's review of ATCsimulator®2
here (2005)

Unlike other ATC sims, ATCsimulator®2 does NOT require an internet
connection, nor is it dependent upon another application, and/or
another user. This product is completely, unequivically stand-alone!

The way software should be!

ATCsimulator-3D (TOWER CAB)

This has got to be one of the most important air traffic simulations ever created!
Join the ever-growing fan base of this latest innovation from Russell B. Davis.

ATCsimulator-3D (TOWER CAB) has been released!

TOWER CAB is going revolutionize the air traffic control simulation genre once again with a simulator of unmatched quality and realism. TOWER CAB has been in development for nearly 3 years and has painstakingly recreated the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport. To place your order, visit

You can also keep up with the development on facebook at

Join the revolution!

ATCsimulator®2-HD is the ONLY PC game in this price range is being used in FAA-approved college air traffic control training programs. ATCsimulator®2-HD is also used in various military establishments to keep controllers current with their ATC skills.

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CDs are on sale for $60 USD (+s/h)
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experience the thrill and challenge of air traffic control!!

ATCsimulator®2 now in HD (High Demand)
ARTS-IIIa now runs in astonishingly realistic HD mode

(Screen captured from Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) at 1920x1080)
This is finest looking setting to date for ATCsimulator®2, ARTS-IIIa mode.

Additional Sectors for ATCsimulator®2 Available

I have posted 4 additional sectors to the support page. Click on SUPPORT across the top of this webpage to visit the page with links for download. These are FREEWARE sectors created by users and I make no promise as to accuracy or whether or not they work as expected.


My wife, Dr. Teresa Davis, Ed.D., has just released her new book 'Victory Over Anger'.
This book can help anyone who is struggling with anger issues. Taken from many years of her
personal experiences, (some content relates to how ATCsimulator came to be). You will find
this book not only helpful, but entertaining as well.
Visit her website by clicking here.

USB Headsets

For those of you wishing to utilize speech recogntion, USB headsets are not recommended. A standard analog headset that uses the MIC input of your sound card produces superior response to that of USB headsets. Plus, known issues with USB headsets will be avoided when a standard analog headset is utilized. This information is most applicable when using the shareware program ATA (Air Traffic Assistant) designed for use with ATCsimulator2.

Indiana State University Adopts ATCsimulator

Indiana State University has chosen to adopt ATCsimulator®2 into their air traffic training program.
We are truly excited to see how ATCsimulator®2 is continuing to help prospective students achieve
their dream of becoming one of the nations air traffic control specialists.

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youTube Demonstration of ATCsimulator®2

If you would like to see ATCsimulator®2 in action, INCLUDING speech recognition, just click here.

FREEWARE Speech Recognition Software available

Dave Lange has completed his ATCListener program and it is available for download. Click here to
download your copy. ATClistener is based on SAPI 5.1 rather than SAPI 4.x. Some who have struggled to get SAPI 4 to work have had better results with SAPI 5. Please note that this distribution of the software does not include any of the SAPI 5.1 runtimes - you will have to download and install them yourself. Instructions for doing so are included in the ZIP file. This software is being provided as freeware to the ATC Simulator community. Enjoy! In the event of problems, please contact Dave Lange. aerostudios does not provide support for this freeware application.

Career Minded Customers

If you're wanting to know how to become an air traffic controller, and what the training program is like, there is no better book on the subject than Dr. Pat Mattson's
"Air Traffic Control Career Prep"
published by ASA. To order a copy you can visit here.

January 16, 2015 - ATCsimulator® Turns 14 Today

Dear air traffic simulator community,

Today marks the 14th Anniversary of the publication of ATCsimulator®. I want to thank the aviation community, and the 72,000 or so customers for your support in the past 14 years. I especially wish to thank AVSIM for their support in keeping ATCsimulator® alive in the minds and hearts of those seeking a career in air traffic control. I am looking forward to an even brighter future with many new challenges and new ideas in air traffic simulation in pursuit of the career and hobby that we all love.

I never dreamed that ATCsimulator® would have achieved such success in the past 14 years; you have made my dreams come true. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, sincerely, Russell B. Davis/aerostudios.

"..controllers are reaching the breaking point of what they feel they can safely handle in light of the chronic failure and may have to resort to using non-radar procedures to separate flights in their airspace.."

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