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Between 1981 and 1992, only 57% of those air traffic controller hopefulls successfully completed the non-radar "Screen" program at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) training facility in Oklahoma City. The Screen program was the training program that ended many air traffic careers. This 9 week course required that the applicant score at least a 70% to continue as an air traffic control trainee. In the history of the Screen program, NO ONE scored 100%. Now is your chance to see if you too have the "right stuff" to be an air traffic controller. aerostudios has resurrected this program to allow the user to relive the heyday of this infamous training program. Actual training material from 1987 is included in this simulation. Release of aerocenter™ is a tribute on the 30th anniversary of that program. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks, and the release announcement.
Testing program from the ARCO Test Tutor Series for AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER
Map Memorization Program and Academic Drills covering navigation/air traffic terminology
Laboratory Problem/Strip Editor

Topics Covered:

aerocenter™ airspace (D1/D2 and MEMPHIS Center)
Flight Progress Strips
Recording Clearances and Control Information
Forwarding Flight Plans
General Control and Board Management
IFR Clearances and Route Assignment
Departure Procedures
Altimeter Settings and Altitude Assignment
Holding Procedures
Arrival/Approach Procedures
Vertical Seperation
Longitudinal Seperation
Initial Seperation of Arrivals and Departures
Lateral Seperation
Strip Marking
includes Speech Recognition and much more...

System Requirements:
Windows 98/SE thru Windows 10
100 Megabyte HD space
Sound Card (microphone for speech Recognition)
512 MB RAM