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Airline Sharks! is a new 3d board game for Windows XP/7/8/Vista.
Can you dominate the airline industry and make deals for your airline that put you on top of the world?
The goal is to lease as many airports as you can, expand and sub-lease to other airlines.
There are also periodic tragedies and emergencies that can impact your bottom line!

1 to 6 players compete for prime real estate and high priced contracts/leases!
You can play against AI opponents, or invite up to 5 friends!
You can choose any of 6 current airlines, or resurrect airlines from the past!
See if you can lead them to their previous glory!

The complete liveries are shown below:

Airlines to choose from:

American Airlines
America West Airlines
Delta Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines

Airlines from the past:

Piedmont Airlines
Pan Am Airlines
Trans World Airlines
Braniff Airlines
Empire Airlines
Eastern Airlines

Airline Sharks features

Complete airport styling throughout the game board
Audio instructions direct your aircraft on the taxiways/runways
Beautifully rendered 3d environment is simply a joy to look at
Standalone gameplay with 1 to 6 players

Screen elements include:

Simulated ASDE
Airport Diagram cards
Flightstrip system to track your game progress
Emergencies, and Weather related occurances

youTube gameplay preview

(Select HD 720 and then click on the fullscreen setting for the best view of the game)

System Requirements

Windows XP/7/8/VISTA 32bit or 64bit
4 Gigabytes of RAM Minimum
Video Card capable of 1280x800 minimum resolution
Sound Card
2 Gigabytes of hard drive space required for installation
DirectX 9.0c or later
.NET Framework 3.5
CD-ROM drive for installation from CD


Airline Sharks © 2011-2013 Russell B. Davis
Airlines Sharks is a trademark of Russell B. Davis

Game and Concept by Russell B. Davis and Dr. Teresa L. Davis, Ed.D.

Vendors interested in adding Airline Sharks to their product list,
should contact Russell B. Davis at aerostudios@cox.net

(some program elements may change in final release)

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