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provides a topnotch, top-down view of select airports when acting as the controller using the air traffic tower position in Microsoft® Flight Simulator X (FSX). This addon was inspired by real-world ASDE-X equipment used at 30+ select airports in the United States. ASDE-X equipment is used in support of the NEXTGEN directive of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). ASDE-X is a unique addon for FSX that can only be found here.

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System Requirements:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) Deluxe Edition or Gold Edition
FSUIPC version 4.60 or later. You can purchase FSUIPC here.
Or you can obtain the FREE version of FSUIPC here. *There you will also find a host of other tools.
Minimum video resolution 800x600.
Computer hardware, ram, etc. --
Please review the system requirements for FSX.

Suggested hardware:

For the ultimate experience, consider purchasing the Matrox TripleHead2Go.

Suggested Software:

Visit FSDREAMTEAM for beautifully rendered airport addons that provide with some exquisite airport layouts. FS Dreamteam airports were used to create the preview images below. Use of other addon airports is perfectly acceptable. I just happen to like the quality of FS Dream Team products.

AI Traffic
For some very advanced AI traffic generation, I recommend MyTrafficX. This is a great AI traffic generator for FSX, and was used exclusively with the ASDE-X™ preview images below. You can purchase MyTrafficX Professional here.


- Simple pushbutton interface design
- Airport layouts include taxiways, runways, buildings
- Arrival aircraft (inbound) list box with calculated ETAs.
- Departure aircraft (outbound) list box
- Color assignment legend
- Flight strip display for selected aircraft
- Datatag(s) assignment for aircraft symbols
- Customizable font assignments
- Fully customizable color assignments stored for each airport
- Comes with 6 custom airport layouts (additional custom airport libraries will become available 1QTR-2011)
- Zoomin/out capability
- Multi-monitor support. Great with Matrox TripleHead2Go
- Creates a top-down airport view for use in multiplayer (MP) gaming at online gaming networks (VATSIM, etc) where FSX is used by each connected user (You!).
- Multiple connected air traffic controllers in the same area can take on different roles using a common visual interface.
- One controller can handle ground operations using ASDE-X™ as a visual aid.
- Another controller can handle all arriving/departing aircraft from the tower position using ASDE-X™ as a visual aid.

- Creates a top-down airport view for simply watching AI traffic utilizing the air traffic tower position.

- One user can host a session and invite as many controllers/pilots to the session. Then roles for each controller can be delegated however desired, each using ASDE-X™ to provide the perfect visual aid.

For a preview ASDE-X™ image, click on the images below.
KDCA - Washington, DC
KDFW - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
KFLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
PHNL - Honolulu, HI
KJFK - John F. Kennedy, NY
KORD - Chicago O'Hare, IL
Label toggle to assist with taxiway/runway assignments

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