Public Service Announcement

The following email accounts are associated with customers who have
committed fraudulent acts related to Paypal transactions with aerostudios,
and/or have made threats upon the company.
Exercise extreme caution if contacted by someone using the following email:
(customer above filed an "unauthorized transaction" claim with Paypal to obtain a refund,
then later admitted it was because I did not provide another unlock code after all unlock
codes had been exhausted. Once Paypal learned of the fraud, the refund was reversed)
(Son purchased game using fathers credit card. Once the son was told that I did not support speech recognition,
the father filed an "unauthorized transaction" to obtain a refund AFTER the product had been unlocked
via the fathers email account. The same email account was then used to file the dispute. The father claimed his
credit card had been stolen that was used to purchase the game. Since the purchase was made via email, did the
supposed criminal also steal his email account and communicate to complete the order, and then surrender the
email account back to its rightful owner? Preposterous
(have sent threatening emails claiming to be my "worst nightmare")

(demanded a refund claiming UNLOCK CODE never arrived-AFTER I sent the email with the unlock code,
and only 4 days after the order was completed and the software was installed. Paypal rejected the refund once
it was determined he had installed the product.)