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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dear ATCsimulator® User,

The following text contains solutions to known issues with ATCsimulator®2-HD (3.5.0).
It would be a good idea to print this message and refer to it. If you do not find your issue addressed here, send an email with "
SPECIAL SUPPORT NEEDED" in the subject line to for more personal service. We will respond within 72 hours. These errors were reported by users like you, and will be updated as the need arises.

Thank you.

Russell B. Davis/ATCsimulator® Creator
ATCsimulator is a registered trademark of Russell B. Davis
ATCsimulator and ATCsimulator2 (C) 2000-2019 Russell B. Davis

Error 75 during Windows installation....

This is an indication, that you did not have admin rights during the install process. You must have complete rights on your PC that allow you to create new folders. The install program will attempt to create folders needed for proper program operation. If you encounter this error, do NOT run the program or uninstall if you do not yet have an unlock code. Write to me and I will instruct you how to manually get past the error once you have the proper admin rights.

My previous unlock code is not working...

Check to see that the registration # (8 characters followed by -HD or -ND) matches that of your previous registration. If that # has changed, you will need a new unlock code. Please follow the registration procedure again and provide the current registration # from the trial period dialog screen.

Using my USB headset, I do not hear the pilot voices...

The pilot voice generator was created using the Microsoft Speech SDK 4.0a. That engine cannot discern between multiple output sources. If you have a sound card, and a USB audio driver, disable the onboard soundcard so the USB audio output is the only output available during
ATCsimulator®2-HD gameplay.

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